Silver To The Moon

Reasons silver should rise in price

It has MANY uses

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Throughout history, as far as biblical times, silver was considered as money. A valuable used for trade. This was true globally. From ancient 30 B.C. Rome to 12th century Great Britain, as precious metals are genuinely rare. It did not posses it's value because some central bank decided it, or because a certain nation declared so. It became valuable since it looks good, has practical and industrial uses, and most importantly, has physically limited supply. In fact, if all of the gold ever mined in history until the end of 2020 will be placed together, it would form approximately a mere 20 meter cube, easily fitting under the Eiffel tower. Silver isn't that far behind, forming a mere 52 meter cube.

Illustration of all the gold and silver ever mined until 2020

Inflation and money printing

About 20% of all US dollars in existence were printed out of thin air in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, in the form of stimulus checks, loans, grants etc. As the US government continues this relentless printing of fiat currency, mostly for these various reliefs and acts, the lower the value of the currency becomes. This causes investors to flee to safe stores of wealth, with true rarity and limited supply that cannot be increased on a whim, like silver. 

Since the establishment of the federal reserve in 1913, the value of the dollar itself declined greatly over time. In fact, 1 dollar today is worth about 26 times less than a dollar in 1913.

The gold to silver ratio

Unlike gold, silver is currently usually mined as a byproduct. Because it is both rare and cheap, current prices usually don't justify mining especially for it. So basically miners usually mine for other metals such as copper and nickel, and take the silver they happen to find. Also, unlike gold, silver has much more industrial usage. Therefore, a lot of silver is thrown away each year as unused cars, batteries, circuit boards and other electronics are thrown, and not necessarily recycled. At current mining rates, silver is mined only 8 times as much as gold. This is in contrast of the price of silver, which is way lower than 1/8th of gold.

The green energy revolution

The world is transitioning to clean energy. UK prime minister Boris Johnson laid out his plan for a "green industrial revolution". This is one of many examples. Sweden, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Hungary, China, Japan and South Korea have already set zero-carbon targets nation-wide by law. More and more countries follow. This means more batteries, solar panels, and electronic cars. These industries today consume about 480 million ounces of silver, as it is the best heat and electric conducting metal on the planet, and also the most reflective. As more and more countries set a carbon-free energy target, these industries will only grow with time.

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